4Beat biography
Percussion for kids

With their first program 'The Power of the Drum' the ensemble has done more than 120 shows in Dutch theaters, schools and festivals! Now it's time for a new program: Knallen!

In this new energetic and fascinating performance The four 4Beat percussionists will be introducing young audiences to drums and music from many countries in the world. Obviously they chose a variety of songs with special drums and swinging rhythms, but the show is more than just drums. Drums and percussion from Africa, Asia and Latin America are combined with the sounds of the DJ, with mystical, oriental percussion and with vocals. A hot and thrilling performance!

4Beat musicians

Gianna Tam (from Suriname) has been a band member of Drums United, Drumix! and Van Merwijk's Music Machine and has toured around the world the Netherlands.

Vernon Chatlein (from Curaçao) plays African and
South American percussion. He plays in many Dutch percussion and world music ensembles.

Alper Kekec (from Turkey) is a virtuoso on the oriental
percussion. He plays in Drums United and is a teacher at the Rotterdam Conservatory.

DJ Charlie (from the Netherlands) takes care of the tracks and loops on the computer and will rap as well. Currently he is doing the producers training at the Herman Brood Academy.