Van Merwijk’s Music Machine | Caribbean Postcard

New album

2021.10.08 | The Caribbean islands and coasts are home to a wealth of ancient melodies. Sometimes melancholy and nostalgic, at other times festive, jubilant and sparkling. Venezuela, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Trinidad, the Netherlands Antilles, Cuba, Colombia and Puerto Rico; a selection of the most



For 25 years 'the most spectacular Latin band in Europe' (de Volkskrant).

2021.08.24 | It can finally be celebrated: in 2020 Cubop City Big Band existed 25 years, but the anniversary tour was postponed for a year due to Covid-19. Now it's time to celebrate! The salsa and latin jazz big band that is


Lucas winner Slagwerkkrant Polls 2020

Best Fusion/World Drummer

2020.08.16 | The readers of Slagwerkkrant have chosen Lucas van Merwijk as Fusion / World drummer of the year in the Slagwerkkrant Poll! https://www.slagwerkkrant.nl/nieuws/artikel/2-24354/slagwerkkrant-poll-award-2020-voor-lucas-van-merwijk?fbclid=IwAR045KBb7rdTghQQH3YDFY0G_2zpty_-KLFQtc6MSBnXzbGG4l76ttve5Ng


25 Years Cubop City Big Band

Fiesta Anniversary Tour!

2020.02.03 | The Cubop City Big Band will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020 and this is being celebrated with a number of special anniversary concerts. The Cubop City Big Band was founded in 1995 by drummer percussionist Lucas van Merwijk and



A sparkling fresh and adventurous musical journey exploring new rhythms and sounds

2020.01.29 | KLOMP Lucas van Merwijk | drums & Abel Marcel | keys  Drummer Lucas van Merwijk saw the groundbreaking duo Misha Mengelberg / Han Bennink perform many times in the early 80s. The idea of forming such a duo in which you have


Lucas winner 2019 Slagwerkkrant Polls

Category Best Fusion/World Drummer

2019.08.14 | In 2015, he received the Slagwerkkrant Poll Award for Fusion / World Drums for the last time, after being frequently chosen as a jazz drummer of the year. This year our readers again voted him number 1 in the Fusion




2019.02.10 | A brand new collaboration this coming year: ARTVARK Saxophone Quartet with the collective Drums United led by latin drummer Lucas van Merwijk. PROGRAMMERS ATTENTION, because this project will play at the festivals around the summer of 2019 and will go into


The Soul of New York's Spanish Harlem succesful showcase at Freiburg Kulturbörse

German and Dutch tour booking now

2019.01.27 | The Soul of New York's Spanish Harlem hosted a very succesful 20 minute showcase at the Freiburg Kulturbörse, the largest cultural fair of Germany. The group presented their new line up with 6 musician, 3 singers and 10 dancers. Dates for the German