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Leonardo Amuedo - guitar, Lucas van Merwijk - drums, Jeroen Vierdag - bass 

We're thrilled to unveil the much-anticipated return of the illustrious A.M.V Trio. – featuring guitarist Leonardo Amuedo, drummer Lucas van Merwijk, and bassist Jeroen Vierdag. Reuniting after a 20-year hiatus, this trio's legacy resonates within the jazz realm.

Emerging from the fusion trio Sticks & Strings, A.M.V Trio left an indelible mark with their ‘Live In Amsterdam’ album.Praised by Steely Dan's Walter Becker, their collective synergy and musicality remain unparalleled.

Amuedo's prowess, including collaborations with Stevie Wonder and Ivan Linz distinguishes him with five Grammy Awards.

Lucas van Merwijk, a vanguard in European jazz, Latin, and percussion, boasts a unique style forged from Cuban, Brazilian, and North American rhythms. As a drummer, educator, and leader of ensembles like Drums United, he maintains global demand.

Jeroen Vierdag, the trio's versatile bassist, spans genres from pop to jazz to Latin, earning him prominence in the Dutch music scene.

Trio A.M.V.'s resplendent return offers a singular opportunity for jazz festivals and promoters to showcase their unique sound.

Stay tuned for upcoming new studio recordings, a closely guarded secret for now. 

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Live in Amsterdam

Live in Amsterdam

Leonardo Amuedo | Van Merwijk | Vierdag
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