To the fans of Leve van Merwijk! Vrienden zingen Jeroen' album '.

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For the many fans who have tried in vain to order or listen to the album 'Leve van Merwijk! Friends sing Jeroen' from us over the past 2 years.


Lucas van Merwijk expresses feeling treated like a cunning criminal in a situation related to a gift for his terminally ill brother, Jeroen van Merwijk. The conflict arises after Jeroen's death regarding the proceeds of a farewell album that Lucas produced. Jeroen's widow, Jeannette van Merwijk-van Loenen, and Lucas are entangled in a legal dispute, leading to the album's removal from sale and financial difficulties for Lucas.

According to Lucas, the conflict centers around the distribution and revenue-sharing agreement for the album, titled "Leve Van Merwijk! Vrienden zingen Jeroen," which involved 30 musicians and comedians singing songs written by Jeroen. The album became a success, selling over 6,500 copies. However, disputes arose regarding the distribution of proceeds and disagreements on the handling of the album's exploitation.

The legal battle escalated, and a court ruled that there was no copyright infringement but granted Jeroen's widow a share of the financial details and 66.6% of the proceeds. Despite Lucas sending a financial overview and complying with some aspects of the ruling, further conflicts and demands from Jeroen's widow led to a legal demand for a €50,000 fine.

Lucas van Merwijk claims to have sent an accountant-approved financial overview and argues that he has followed the court's decision. However, he decided to pay the €50,000 fine to put an end to the legal turmoil, even though he feels it's unjust. The situation has caused financial strain and stress for Lucas, impacting his personal and professional life.

Several comedians and friends of Jeroen, including Harrie Jekkers, Diederik van Vleuten, and Jack Spijkerman, have expressed support for Lucas and criticized Jeroen's widow for her actions, stating that she is tarnishing Jeroen's legacy. Attempts to propose alternative solutions, such as creating a fund in Jeroen's name, were rejected by Jeroen's widow.

Despite the success of the album and the initial positive intentions, the legal conflict has left Lucas van Merwijk with a bitter experience, and he laments the loss of the joy and positive aspects surrounding the tribute to his late brother.



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