AAAPLAY123 biography
Sound & Vision
Music inspired art | Art inspired music


Sound & Vision is the title for the innovative collaboration between the two collectives AAAPLAY123 and AAAFRESH123 , where art is inspired by music and music by art. This takes place not in separate and safely enclosed studios but live in one location, in the presence of camera's, screens and audience.



A new music collective initiated by drummer Lucas van Merwijk (1961) and percussionist Steven Brezet (1991) that brings an exciting and fresh breeze with an innovative blend of global music traditions. The vibrant idea was born during a wedding celebration at the AAA gallery. A new band emerged, comprising top talents from the jazz and global scene: Alvaro Artime - trumpet (Spain), Laura Beatriz - keys (Cuba), Steven Brezet - percussion (NL), Pablo Martinez - trombone (Spain), Lucas van Merwijk - drums (NL), Jeroen Vierdag - bass (NL).



The Rotterdam–based artistic collective ‘AAA’ continues to bring ecstasy and thrill to the global art scene from the historic Dutch city. Inspired by their upbringing in the ‘Gateway to Europe’, Hans Kleinjan (1958), Maikel Kleinjan (1984) and Roderik Faasen (1990) have developed their unique signature artistic movement for upwards of a decade.