Tam Tam Recording Studio biography
Europe's number one studio for recording Latin and World Music
Rhythm and groove

Dutch top drummer Lucas van Merwijk has been working together with sound engineer Juan Viloria for over 10 years. Viloria is an experienced sound technician who spent many years working at the 78/88 Studio's and the Guarango Studio's in New York. He is comfortable recording all kinds of music and is specialized in recording drums and percussion. 

Reason enough for Van Merwijk and Viloria to start to work together which has now developed in the foundation of a new recording studio in the centre of The Netherlands.

The studio consists of three separate recording rooms and a control room and is suitable for all sorts of music.Besides all modern recording facilities the studio has a large amount of drums and percussion instruments, a grand piano, an acoustic piano, guitars, amps and keyboards at its disposal.

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