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Birth of the Beat. The history of rhythm.

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Birth of the Beat

Get ready for a truly immersive and captivating experience with Drums United's new percussion show, 'Birth of the Beat'. This one-of-a-kind performance takes you on a journey through the rich history of drums, featuring song, dance, and virtuosity that have always been closely linked to rhythm. Led by internationally renowned drummer Lucas van Merwijk, this show is not to be missed. With impressive moving images projected onto the stage, you'll feel like you're traveling through time as you witness the evolution of drumming. Don't miss your chance to see the history of drums brought to life like never before.


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In 'Birth of the Beat', Lucas van Merwijk brings together an eclectic group of musicians from various cultural backgrounds to showcase the diversity and evolution of drumming throughout history. From African djembes and Venezuelan Culo e Pua drums to Indian tabla's and Oriental frame drums, the show pays tribute to the rich and varied traditions of drumming across the globe.

But 'Birth of the Beat' is more than just a drumming exhibition. It is a celebration of rhythm and music in all its forms, with live singers and dancers adding to the vibrant energy of the performance. The show also incorporates stunning visual projections, enhancing the immersive and transportive experience of the audience.

As the title suggests, 'Birth of the Beat' takes the audience on a journey through the history of drumming, tracing its roots back to ancient civilizations and showcasing its evolution through the ages. It is a unique and unforgettable experience that pays tribute to the enduring power and importance of rhythm in human culture.

Line up


Moussé Pathé | Senegal

Niti Ranjan Biswas | Bangladesh

Marco Toro | Venezuela

Alper Kekeç | Turkey

Lucas van Merwijk | The Netherlands



Drums United is an explosive and exciting world-percussion group led by multi awarded drummer Lucas van Merwijk, that brings together rhythms and percussionists from all directions. 

It’s a smoking live band that not only gives the audience an opportunity of listening and watching top players, but also imparts the underlying message that people from widely varying nationalities can work well together.

On both its previous show World of Rhythm and the current Ritmo Inferno the group mixes African, Latin, Spanish and Indian drum traditions with western drumming, utilizing contemporary electronic options open to the DJ.

Since its inception in 2002 the band has been virtually on tour all the time. Their first theatre program World Of Rhythm was recorded live and is out now on DVD as well as CD.

Drums United occupies a unique place in the world of percussion groups by combining elements of the rich traditions of percussion with those of song and dance.

Lucas has been at the forefront of the European jazz, latin and percussion scene for over 30 years He was elected 'Best Jazz drummer' in the Benelux countries by the readers of De Slagwerkkrant many times running between the years 1993 and 2020.

Press Quotes

‘...Drums United hits you like a bomb...’ Amersfoort Cultuur ‘.

..Driving, always overwhelming drums... Heartbeat is a revelation... ’ Mixed Magazine

‘...The magic of drums...ein Supersound...’ Sticks Magazine

‘...It's the extraordinary level of playing that makes this group so unique. What else can you expect, if you bring together the finest players and let them do what they do best!...’ The Telegraph

‘...One of the best Latin Drummers In The World...’ The Parool

...Drums United has it all...’ De Slagwerkkrant

 "A really amazing journey through the many path's of drums, percussion, and world music. Five stars all the way!!!!" 

Horacio 'eL NEgRO' Hernandez.

" I remember when I first met Lucas, it was many years ago, as a member of Nueva Manteca. I was very impressed with his musicality, and he was my introduction to the great Dutch drum scene. I've been a fan of his drumming since first hearing him, then in 2000, had the pleasure of touring with him and Aly N'Diaye Rose, in the very first version of Drums United, as part of The Big Bang. There was just the two of them, but it sounded like many more!!! Today, their numbers have increased, and this great live DVD showcases real "world" drumming at its best. Congratulations to Lucas, and Drums United."

David Garibaldi (Tower of Power)



World of Rhythm cd Tam Tam Records

World of Rhythm dvd Tam Tam Records

Ritmo Inferno dvd Tam Tam Records

Heartbeat cd Tam Tam Records

Rhythm Dreams cd Tam Tam Records


Artists who worked with Drums United

Aly N'Diaye Rose (Senegal)

Misirli Achmet (Turkey)

Pape Thiam (Senegal)

DJ Kokos (The Netherlands)

Nuria Manglano (Spain)

Andres Marin (Spain)

Vince Mendoza (USA, Multiple Grammy Award Winner)

Luis de Luis (Spain)

Gerardo Rosales (Venezuela)

Ro Krom (The Netherlands)

Metropole Orchestra (Multiple Grammy Award Winner)

Artvark Saxophone 4Tet (The Netherlands)

Ryoko Imai (Japan)

Simone Sou (Brasil)

Julio Pimentel (Brasil)

Niti Ranjan Biswas (Bangla Desh)

Denise Jannah (Surinam)

Randal Corsen (Curaçao)


Drums United toured in

Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, China, Thailand, Surinam, Estonia, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria.

Line up

Lucas van Merwijk (The Netherlands) • Drums & percussion 

Alper Kekeç (Turkey) • Oriental percussion 

Marco Toro (Venezuela) • Latin percussion 

Moussé Pathé (Senegal) • African percussion

Niti Ranjan Biswas (Bangladesh) • Tabla's

Juan ‘Bulu’ Viloria (Venezuela) • Sound Engineer


De Slagwerkkrant:
De percussietrein dendert in volle vaart over je heen met af en toe een verstild moment, soms een lach en soms feestelijke publieksparticipatie: Drums United heeft het allemaal in de vingers!

North America press:
Drums United a smash hit with young audiences!

Lucas van Merwijk is one of the great drummers of our time. He lays down so much good stuff that even the eyes of a trained drummer can't catch it all.

Wolfenbütteler Zeitung
Drums United takes the audience into the international world of drums and rhythms with an hypnotic charm.

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